About Us

Scripture Union is a worldwide movement of Christians. It operates in more than 130 countries and is united in a commitment to common aims, beliefs and working principles. A local SU movement is made up of the people involved in SU ministries in that place.

Each SU is an autonomous body of local people who aim to bring hope to young generations. Examples of SU’s work include AIDS programs in Africa and working with the children of garbage tip communities in Mexico.

Even across Australia SU is a diverse group running at risk camping programs in Queensland, multicultural youth initiatives in Victoria and coordinating school Chaplaincy in a number of states.

Supportive networks and local autonomy allow each SU to be relevant to the needs of young people and children, and remain on the cutting edge of program delivery to them.

SU seeks to provide real opportunities for growth and change with a particular emphasis on Christian spirituality, personal development, and leadership. SU WA plans and implements residential and non-residential primary and secondary school programs, adventure camping, school holiday camping, family festivals, neighbourhood outreach programs and performing arts programs. We work with a variety of groups including schools, churches, youth development organisations, school chaplains and government and non-government welfare agencies.

SU Western Australia has long been an international leader in running camping and mission programs for young people and children. Each year, SU runs more than 50 camps including sailing, abseiling, white water rafting, hiking, AFL, soccer and even a performing arts camp. SU is recognised both within and outside the camping industry as a field leader receiving multiple awards from the WA government for their risk management practices.A hallmark of SU’s ministries worldwide is a commitment to working in partnership with local churches. One element of this partnership is seen in WA Secondary and Primary Schools where SU Western Australia runs lunchtime and after school clubs for students. In addition to clubs SU Western Australia works in partnership with local schools to offer Adventure Camping programs and Creative Arts programs. Each year SU Western Australia will work with over 40,000 students in over 100 WA schools.

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