“AMUC was an experience that formed my understanding of faith in action, and exposed me to a worldview that is now central to my faith in God. Highly recommended for any- one seeking to bring Jesus to the world around us.” – Jaye Van Wollingen

When: Monday 23rd to Friday 27th January 2017
Perth Metro
$200 waged, $175 unwaged

What is AMUC (AMong the Urban Community)?

It’s like a camp – but its focus is on discipleship
It’s like a retreat – but with times of action.
It’s like a mission exposure trip – but in our own city.
It’s a challenge and a call to follow Jesus, to be with the rejected and marginalised.

AMUC is a unique experience. It’s a mission exposure trip for adults in our own city. It will challenge your faith, lifestyle, priorities and understanding of the Gospel. The AMUC experience invites followers to a deeper faith where there are no easy answers. It aims to broaden the experience of Christians while allowing space to reflect on the message of Christ. This is a joint initiative of Scripture Union and TEAR Australia.




SPEAKER: Dave Andrews

dave-andrews-photoDave, his wife Ange, and their family, have lived and worked in intentional communities with marginalised groups of people in Australia, Afghanistan, India and Nepal for forty years.

Dave and Ange and their friends started Christian community organisations working with slum dwellers, drug addicts, and people with HIV/AIDS in India; and they are currently a part of the Waiters Union, an inner city Christian community network that is walking and working alongside Aboriginals, refuges and people with disabilities in Brisbane, Australia.

Dave is interested in radical spirituality, incarnational community and the dynamics of personal and social transformation. He is author of many books.

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