Autumn Glen Echo

Glen Echo 3

Below are the details for Autumn Glen Echo 2017. Please check back later for information for Autumn Glen Echo 2018

Team Leaders: Oscar Smith & Ashleigh Hotchkin
Cost: $400
Ages: Years 7-9
When: Monday 17th – Saturday 22nd April 2017
Where: Glen Echo farm, Albany
Transport: Included

Join us on an incredible farm in Albany, for an epic week of kayaking, swimming, bushwalking and many more sweet adventures!

Experience the beauty of a night paddle under the stars, conquer peaks in the Porongorups and Stirling Ranges, and swim and surf in the crystal clear waters of our Southern ocean. There will be delicious food, great leaders, fun games, hanging out with new friends and the opportunity to chat and learn more about God.

It’s going to be an awesome week of fun, fellowship and adventure… we hope to see you there!!!


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