Come to a Busy Bee

Busy Bee Weekends

We schedule some Busy Bee Weekends, as we do need lots of assistance to continue our camp site improvements. We would love you to come down, for the weekend or even just for a day and help us out, and have relaxing evening on the Saturday night. Food will be provided.  You are welcome to bring your family, and there is no obligation for everyone to work!

The tasks for the next six months are to repaint some cabins, install a disabled toilet facility and improve the entrance to the campsite.


Joint Project week with MMM

Mobile Mission Maintenance is joining with us from April 22nd – 30th 2017. The main project is to replace all the old bunks, installing new flooring and painting the cabins as we do so.  New curtains are also needed for two cabins so a sewing bee will happen concurrently!

We work from 9am -5pm Mon – Sat. Morning tea is a time for devotions. All ages and skill levels welcome.  Food provided.  Come for as little as one day or nine days! Children welcome.

For more information, contact Dianne on 0897554363 or 0458 554363 or email



If you would like to volunteer your time different to the scheduled busy bee dates, please email Dianne at or phone 9755 4363 or 0458 55 4363.

This is an open invitation, so please pass this on to anyone you think may be interested. Anyone keen to help is welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you here!


Busy Bee Your style!

We are able to schedule weekdays or weekends to fit in with your availability. A few people working are able to achieve a lot in a day or weekend.
What: We can negotiate with you to do the jobs you enjoy and/or are skilled in.


Past Busy Bees

Thanks to our volunteers who have dedicated their time and skills. The Busy Bee was a great success! We started  See the latest progress on the project here!

Busy Bee Project in June 2015

From the beginning of June, Mobile Mission Maintanance joined us to refurbish the toilet, bathroom and laundry in the caretakers cottage.

20th June

A project complete, the volunteers have gone home.  Chris will continue to paint the remaining areas. we really appreciate all the support and hard work. Dianne Abbott (Campsite Manager) 

4th June – 10th June

Well the crew are here, the asbestos has gone and the cottage is looking like a building site! We have come across a few hiccups and difficulties, but the able team from MMM are responding with enthusiasm and skill to solve the problems. The gyprock and new ceilings are going in, the concrete is drying in the bathroom, and the tiles are waiting to be laid. Dianne Abbott (Campsite Manager) 

1st 3rd May

Chris and Richi with some help from Dave completed the paving to the front of the site.  We now have a bag drop off point for buses.  No longer will the students have to drag their cases through the dirt!! And it is very satisfying to have come to the end of the paving jobs!  Thanks to everyone who made this possible, and a big thanks to Tim, who had the vision for the paths right at the beginning! Dianne Abbott (Campsite Manager) 

20th – 22nd March

Richi and Duncan, along with Rob and Chris completed the path from Amity to Tranby, finally joining our circle of cabins to each other.  As we watch the grass grow up to the paths, this cosy area will facilitate a positive community atmostphere. Dianne Abbott (Campsite Manager) 

13th – 15th February

A small but dedicated crew came down and worked hard on a lovely cool day to complete the paving to cabin Parmelia. They received some valuable help and expertise from a couple of members the Roleystone Community Church, who were here at the time and pitched in.  Thanks guys!!  Dianne Abbott (Campsite Manager) 

January – March 2015

Various helpers throughout January assisted Chris in finishing off the BBQ shelter and pouring the concrete. Warren came and built us a great BBQ stand, and by the end of March the new BBQ area was fully functional!  A few tiles in place completed this smart new facility!

22nd – 23rd  December 2014

Ken and Rich took advantage of a pre-Christmas lull to shoot down for 2 days, resulting in the frame for the BBQ shelter being completed.  Thanks so much for your skills and muscles !!!  Next step is the concrete pad…   Dianne Abbott (Campsite Manager) 

18th  October 2014

Rich came down to help Chris put up the new sign for the front of the campsite – it is very impressive!   Dianne Abbott (Campsite Manager) 


12th – 15th July 2013

A small crew of very hardworking fellows came down to make a start on the shed frame. A big thanks to Geoff, Anthony and Barrett, not to mention Tim who oversees it all and trouble shoots as we go along!  Over the course of 4 days, they not only made a start, but worked so long and hard that they completed the main structure – and they battled through bad weather to do it!  Chris has done the last few things to finish the frame, and now the shed is ready for cladding!  Dianne Abbott (Campsite Manager) 

31st May – 3rd June (Long Weekend) 2013
“We have just had a long weekend Busy Bee.  A wonderful bunch of servant hearted people came down from Perth and painted, sawed, dug, sewed, buried and had a lot of fun.  The hall looks very bright and new, the Camp kitchen got a new bench, and the long awaited Wonky Water Wash was completed.”
Dianne Abbott (Campsite Manager) 

22nd – 24th February 2013

“The Camp Geo project moves forward with the residence roof removed Friday by
two willing volunteers Michael and Tim (not me). Office was able to be
insulated while roof was off. Saturday another Tim (roof carpenter)with Dave
repaired the timbers fitted sarking and new battens. Anthony Watterson an SU
contact came down Friday night and worked all weekend. Chris and Dianne
worked with us and fed us it was great. Several of their friends also
assisted Alan and Rob. Dave a contractor who has assisted with other jobs
came and donated time on Saturday and Sunday with his son Tom. There is
still some work to finish but great result from weekend.
Tim Deverux (one of our key volunteers)

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