Dadventure 2017



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A camp for Dads and other Father Figures and their children between 9 and 16 years.

Team Leader: Dave Boldy
Ages: Dads of all ages with child aged 9 to 16
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Dave at

Included in cost: Tent-based accommodation with use of a meeting hall, access to caravan park facilities, full catering, transport to and from Walpole and during the week, Wild Over Walpole Eco Cruise, bush-walking and kayaking outdoor activities in the Walpole Wilderness and other untold goodies.

Who is this for? Dads and other father figures who commit to investing a week to strengthen the relationship with their child(ren). To do this in the company of other dads with the same desire, spending time in community encouraging each other in our fathering.

Program: A relaxed holiday-style camp with a range of outdoor activities, communal dining and a series of though-provoking seminars on topics designed to build strong relationships between fathers and their children. Guided adventure hike into the Nuyts Wilderness area, kayaking trips on remote and beautiful South Coast inlets, campfire chats, kick-back in the barn with indoor games and meals together, the “Bald Head experience” Eco Cruise and tour.

Is this a Christian thing? The facilitators are Christian people who believe that encouraging Dads in their fathering is linked to our personal and spiritual growth. The program will be accessible and enjoyable for all, irrespective of faith. We will be including Christian perspectives within the seminars as this represents the values we hold about becoming the fathers we desire to be.

This camp is organised by ‘The Fathering Project at Carey’ in partnership with SU WA

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