Camp Geographe Project

Camp Geographe Developments

Camp Geographe is SU WA’s special campsite where lives are changed every year, and it’s a site that is massively significant to SU WA’s missions.

SU WA was granted a new 21-year lease in December 2011 to keep using the Camp Geographe site. This means that we are undertaking upgrades and improvements that have been outlined by the City of Busselton council, to ensure we can keep using the campsite. This is along with our own desire to continue to upgrade the facilities and equipment that are in desperate need of improvement.

The Goal

Camp Geographe’s history is filled with stories of life-change and you may have experienced this yourself. We are excited by the chance to see this continue into the future and we invite you to partner with SU WA by helping provide gifts to the project.

This is a three year project to fully repair and revitalise the campsite.  We are in the 2nd Phase of the project, and the goal for the next two years of this campaign is to raise $267,000.

By giving to this campaign, you can make sure that children, young people and families get the chance to encounter God and be transformed by Him at Geographe long into the future. Thank you!

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Visit this page regularly to keep updated with the developments happening at the campsite.

How to Get Involved

There are two ways you can get involved with the Camp Geographe project.

1. You can donate towards this project.

Click here to download the GIFT CATALOGUE to see which essential gift you’d like to give.

2. You can volunteer your skills or time to help build the foundations at Camp Geographe.

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