SU Schools

SU Schools Ministry helps local Christians make a positive difference in the lives of young Western Australians.

SU Schools staff can help you gather together volunteers and plan the best program for the young people you are keen to inspire and care for.

SU Schools Ministry provides opportunities for students to experience transformation in relationship with a disciple of Jesus. SU has a number of programs Christians can adapt to their local needs, or we can help develop new strategies to fit your specific interests and aims.

Chaplains, Christian teachers and parents, students and local churches all partner with SU to serve young people more effectively.

SU Schools programs cost $300 each year, which covers insurance, training, volunteer screening, resources and ongoing support. Some programs also have a per-student fee. Costs can be shared between local churches, schools and individual Christians, and are always flexible, depending on the resources of the group.

We are always happy to help Christians start new groups, or connect new volunteers with existing programs in their area.

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