CHIC – Choices Hopes Identity and Connections

Are you willing to become an agent for change in the lives of young women?

“[T]he girls love it every week and really look forward to it. It is educating them on topics they were not aware of, helping them become more thoughtful about themselves and the world around them, and encouraging them to think about change, and that it is possible.” CHIC leader, Margaret River

CHIC is a small group mentoring program for years 5 – 9 girls. The program gives you TEN WEEKS to change the life of a small group of young women. Each week takes an ESSENTIAL ISSUE for the girls and allows you to explore it with your group through thought-provoking activities and discussion starters.

CHIC has had incredible results around Western Australia, and interstate, in CHALLENGING, INSPIRING, and EMPOWERING the next generation of girls. Becoming a leader gives you training in facilitating small groups and the chance to mentor girls toward a more exciting life story.

You will be mentored in how to lead the program to create the best environment and results for your group, and supported from start to finish.

Contact SU WA today by email at or phone 9371 9100 to see how CHIC can help you in your school or local community.

“I just love how I have had the opportunity to share things close to the heart of God with the girls. Encouraging them in their own self-image, teaching them about the way they see themselves and the world around them is such a blessing. I can see God working through it and working in me to bless them. I can see how the program is going to have life long benefits in their lives. They are becoming more and more encouraged about things they can do to change and impact the world. I also believe the seeds of God’s love are being planted in their hearts, and that it will be something they look on as they are older, that can draw them to God. I don’t even need to speak the ‘gospel’ to them, its just through example and sharing that God is doing it.”

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