SUPA Clubs

Scripture Union Primary Age (SUPA) Clubs provide an opportunity for children to learn about Jesus in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Clubs run during lunchtimes or afterschool, with students coming voluntarily to play games, learn from the Bible and develop strong, encouraging relationships.

Every SUPA Club is different, depending on the passions and interests of the leaders and participants. SUPA leaders are provided with a program which can be followed week by week, or they can create activities and lessons specifically for their group, with help from SU Schools staff.

“I love SUPA club because I love the kids! I love that we get the freedom to go into a school and talk about God. It’s fun, the kids love it, and it’s great to see the kids coming to the club excited about learning. The students get to hang out with kids from other year groups and bond with each other as well as the leaders. I get encouragement from the principal and chaplain who promote the club and are very supportive.” SUPA leader, Applecross Primary School

“With SUPA Clubs, opportunities to share God’s word and for relationships to grow between students, leaders, their families, school staff and even the local community are endless. SUPA clubs provide the freedom to outreach and become involved in all aspects of school life, as well as provide support and encouragement for isolated families and children struggling to make friendships. We are truly blessed to have this door open to us. Please pray for more workers.” SUPA leader, Weld Square Primary School.”

If you’re interested in SUPA Clubs contact SU WA by emailing or phone 9371 9100 today!

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