The Spirit of SU WA

Who we are


– We believe in transformation; in bringing hope and change that enable young people to live it with Spirit.
– We believe in providing real opportunities to engage with the children, youth and families of Australia, to see growth.
– We believe in relationship.  To be a relevant organisation young people can relate to.  One that understands them, their needs and desire for interaction with peers and leaders they can trust and relate to.
– We are passionate about living life to the full with adventure, fun and the energy our youth aspire to. But also life that’s underpinned by the core reason we exist, which is to do what we are called to do; in all things enable transformation.

                   That’s why in all we do, we live it with Spirit.


SU WA Values and Principles


The Spirit of SU WA is a set of SU WA values and principles. These values and principles define and distinguish us and are expressed through us as we serve.

To view or download the Spirit of SU WA brochure, click on the image below.


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