Interns 2017: So Fresh and So Keen

The 2017 year is off to a great start with six interns commencing a year of training and development. Caitlin, Campbell, Elise and Gabrielle have joined us straight from school and Andrew and Ashley have spent some time in the workforce before coming to SU WA.

During their internship, they will be participating in a wide variety of SU ministries including camps, community mission, school clubs, CHIC and Blokes groups. To develop their bible knowledge and become better equipped to serve, they are all participating in the Ridley College Theology Certificate programme.

So far, apart from their studies, they have worked as leaders in a school camp and conducted presentations at schools for the 2017 School Leavers programs.  Each of the interns is looking forward to a busy year ahead, attending around 10 week-long camps, along with their other ministry involvement.  Pray that they maintain their energy, zest for the kingdom and grow in faith.  – Paul Edwards

Intern Andy, humble and dedicated, talked to us on the phone from Liquorice Allsorts Camp. “My internship has been an awesome growth experience so far. I absolutely loved the way the internship started with LEAD Camp. It was the best way to start because you got to really connect with each other. There was a real sense of community, and after the real quality God-conversations that happened, we came out the other end feeling like we’d known each other for years, even though it had only been a few days. It was brilliant.

Carey Baptist Schools Camp was a real struggle for me. It was a stretch and growth experience. I didn’t have a wonderful first day, made some mistakes, but God challenged me with some of the things I was going through – time management, the “fear of man” and what other people think of me; it was awesome to get over that bump and really start to think about those things, and to learn to take care of myself when I serve others.”