Insights at SU Open Night

In March, we were privileged to have Dan Paterson of RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries) share at our SU Open Night, giving us valuable insight into how we must adapt to be successful in ministry in a society that is increasingly distancing itself from Christianity and spirituality.

Dan highlighted the need for us to be flexible as the messenger but inflexible about the message; and to recognise that in today’s society, the church gathered has lost much credibility. He suggested we are far more likely to connect on a personal level and therefore need to equip the church “scattered” to know the Christian story and confidently share it.

At the heart of SU is a desire to do just this, and we believe it is why we continue to see young people come into relationship with Jesus through our camps and programs. Long-time SU volunteer Coralie Holmes, who has played a key part in facilitating a SUPA Club (an SU primary school program) in the north-eastern suburbs, fired us up as she shared at the Open Night how she is connecting in miraculous ways with children, young people, families and staff within the school by the work of the Holy Spirit.

In July, we’ve got Chris Mulherin, Director of ISCAST, joining us to deliver some training we’re confident will equip SU and wider church leaders and volunteers to better share our faith and communicate the Gospel.  ISCAST is a network of people, from school students to distinguished academics, exploring the interface of science, technology, and Christian faith. (Put it in your diaries!)