Beautified and Fully Booked

Camp Geo’s Upgrades See Fruit

Volunteers aged from 5 to 75 joined together in the last week of April at Camp Geographe. Teams were formed and the weather remained fine and sunny. Old bunks, new bunks and miscellaneous items covered the lawns surrounding the cabins as the floor work was undertaken with enthusiasm.

Teenagers from Cornerstone Christian College assisted, doing heavy lifting, cooking, dishwashing and being available wherever needed.

Morning tea was followed by daily prayer, with Mobile Mission Maintenance sharing prayer needs and information on their ministry around the world. “This will be the highlight of our safari tour,” one MMM volunteer said.

Ministry and bookings have increased over the last five years as we improve the grounds and facilities here. SU is now making full use of all school holiday periods for Holiday and Breakaway camps. Praise God for the provision of this beautiful place, for funds to improve it and for the ministry that happens here!

Dianne Abbott