Holiday Camps – All for the Glory of God

The fruit of this fantastic ministry for campers is authentic positive relationships, a safe, fun and joyful time, the opportunity to explore God’s creation, a place of acceptance and belonging, an environment to explore/share/listen to God’s good news.

I think the talks on camp this year have shown me that being a Christian has challenges but it is so worth it to know God and be a daughter of the King. It has convinced me to become a Christian. (Repeat Camper)

Our Leaders are impacted through camps by growing their reliance and trust in God, being a role model, creating a Christian community, growing in their skills in Christian leadership, speaking and living the Gospel, practicing love and patience, living life to the full.

It was my first time being involved with SU and I feel incredibly honoured in the opportunity to encourage and speak life over the kids during the week. It was such a privilege!

The girls in my tent group were all from Christian families but one of them decided to give her life to Jesus on camp- I felt super honoured to coach her through that and pray with her. I got to write a message in each of their bibles too. It’s been very, very busy but incredibly rewarding week. Praying that God continues to make himself real in these kids lives. He is so good! (GE3 Leader)

These stories are a great reminder of the reason God has called us to this work. From budgets to applications, meetings to risk management, it’s all for the glory of God and seeing Him work through our camps.

This year has seen some good growth in Holiday Camps Ministry: 26 camps ran over the 12 months, 4 up on last year, despite 2 that could not run.

We started 4 new camps (Gents, Sports United, Glen Echo 3 and Licorice Allsorts) and have established a solid foundation for our Breakaway Camps with 5 running in the last 12 months. Overall there has been an increase in the number of volunteers for camps with 22% of volunteers new to SU WA. We have a high retention of team leaders each year providing a great environment for training and discipleship of team members. This has resulted in our 30% of new team leaders being prepared and supported.

Joyce Arnott