Ministry Catalysts – Church Partnerships a Key Strategic Focus

SU WA leadership have recently confirmed it in our strategic plan: working with churches is a key part of how we at SU do God’s work. This is the major focus for us as Ministry Catalysts. Developing strong trusting relationships does take time, and Taylor and Sally have found perseverance, faithfulness and patience are essential! We are starting to see the fruit, thanks to God, of our regular connecting with and encouraging churches in their ministry with children and youth. One example is our strengthening partnership with Parkerville Baptist Church, who have a strong vision of growing the God’s Kingdom, and do so in partnership with others of the wider church. Their generosity of heart has led to one of our Spring primary camps, My Cooking Rules, being hosted at the church, which will bless the campers and the leaders with a wonderfully welcoming physical “home”, as we endeavour to show them God’s love through Jesus and how he brings abundant life to those who know and accept him. In turn, some PBC youth leaders attended LEAD, our leadership camp for young adults, including doing our small group leadership “Don’t Panic” training course. This mutually beneficial relationship serves to positively impact the young people we minister to as God’s “priesthood of believers” (from 1 Peter 2:5 and 9) Sally Howe