Training at SU is centred on up skilling and equipping people to share their faith in Jesus- both on SU programs and as the church collectively. Over the past year we’ve continued to offer training in a range of areas, including what it means to be an SU volunteer (Childsafe etc.); various practical courses that are essential for SU programs but also widely used externally, such as Bronze Medallion; and special training events specifically chosen to equip us to share our faith more effectively.

Earlier in the year Dan Paterson of Ravi Zacharias talked to us on sharing Jesus in contemporary Australia. More recently, Claremont Baptist Church and ISCAST partnered with us, as ISCAST Director, Rev. Dr Chris Mulherin, spoke on how we might address the issue of people writing off Christianity due to the belief that Christianity and science are mutually exclusive. Of this event, one long-time SU volunteer now teaching in a Christian school writes:“… thank you so much for tonight! I really enjoyed the talk and got practical answers and frameworks to talk to the kids about science and faith. I feel super encouraged from the event. How awesome God is to create such an intricate universe and to give us brains to think and reason with.”

El Holmes