Internship Profile, Benefits and Placement Opportunities for 2018:

Mission Trips, On-Campus Learning and Intern Hopefuls Lining Up

2018 is shaping up to be a great year for SU internships. Expressions of interest are already rolling in, and exciting changes to the program are in store. The new year will see an increase in hands-on ministry experience – both through SU programs and camps and with churches, schools and organisations with which we partner.

We are also introducing exciting new on-campus study options, which we plan will involve two mission trips over the internship period.

We’re looking for people who can take initiative and are committed to developing in every way, and most importantly, those with a genuine heart for sharing the gospel with children, young people and families.

SU internships are considered a full-time commitment and include about 10 camps over the year, and 2 days study each week. To find out more or begin an application, head to the Internships Page on our website and hit the ‘REGISTER YOUR INTEREST’ button.

El Holmes