Summer Mission – family fun with a gospel focus

During almost 20 years as a volunteer on Denmark Beach Mission, Khim Harris has seen many changes, but one thing has remained the same. Every year hundreds of campers at Ocean Beach Caravan Park have welcomed the mission and eagerly joined in activities where the name of Jesus Christ is proclaimed.

The holiday park is unrecognisable from the dilapidated facilities of 1999, pre-schoolers have grown into adults – some now caring for children of their own – and the shape of the festival program has altered. Yet, throughout, the volunteers have continued to find creative, fun and faithful ways to introduce fellow holiday makers to God’s Son and His word the Bible.

For Khim, his wife Eugenie, and their five sons, joining Christians from different churches for ten days in Summer has been a yearly highlight.

“It’s been a great joy and privilege to share our holiday with Aussie kids and families who know almost nothing about the Christian faith.”

“We’ve forged new and lasting friendships with brothers and sisters in Christ as we have laboured together to present the gospel through a morning kids program, evening teen activities and family events, including our famous New Year’s Eve Bush Dance.”

“Recently we introduced an open air Night Market serving Spanish paella from a giant pan which has provided a relaxing venue to sit around and chat.”

“One thing I have really valued about Denmark is that in most activities we include a short Bible talk, Bible story or a testimony. The mission has been an excellent training ground for young Christians who are encouraged to develop their gifts and have been mentored along the way by older Christians.”

“Denmark Family Festival has definitely been important in nurturing our boys’ own faith. There’s nothing like playing endless card games with young Christian leaders who show they care and are willing to spend time with them to persuade kids about the love and glory of Jesus Christ.

Only 40 days until Christmas and we can do it all again!”

Khim Harris