2018 Leavers Highlights

Leavers Ningaloo and Leavers Melbourne both went off! The programs are full of activity and holiday fun and also incorporate spaces where leavers are inspired and challenged to think about their outlook on life as they step in to adulthood, and see how God fits into that space.

On Leavers Melbourne, Lynton Allan, a local Melbourne speaker/artist drew and told stories for the leavers. He drew a beautiful landscape, then smeared it with ugly black marks representing how life can feel at times. He then transformed those marks to become a fuller, richer landscape to represent how God transforms the pain and hurt in our lives to become something that can bring Him glory.

At Ningaloo, Jordan Thyer leads the gospel tent, opening up conversation and teaching on life’s big topics; Sex and all that stuff, Why trust the bible?, Why suffering? These talks were coupled with leader testimonies and Q&A panels. Hear some feedback from the Leavers at Ningaloo about the Gospel Tent topics:

Perfect topics for a crowd heading into the real world of being an adult

God + science – very engaging as I am aiming to study science next year. Not ‘dumbed down’ either – very relevant topics and treated us as adults.

Sex and relationships – because it’s usually so censored at church/youth so it was encouraging to hear someone speak so openly and honestly without feeling like it was beyond discussion or shameful.

Science and God – Many Yr12s do science as a subject at school and are religious, so it was interesting to see the perspective of how they work together rather than oppose one another!