Message from the Chair

It’s been another great and whirlwind year at SU WA. You’ll read about yet another year in a long stream of years where God has used SU to draw people to himself, out of dark situations into light. Doing this all in the unique SU way. Our staff team and many volunteers are amazing. Thank you all. Again God has blessed us financially this past year, through the very generous donations of you our supporters. We are not without our financial challenges for the coming year but are trusting and praying for God to bless us with what we need. At a Cabinet level this year Kent has done a great job of keeping us on track, and we are making the most out of the talents God has given us. Recent collaboration at a national level has seen possibilities for greater collaboration between state movements. What began, for me, as an introduction to other interstate chairs and directors at SU’s Australia conference three years ago, has turned into a series of workshops looking at what a more unified SU in Australia would look like. Honestly, I have been so impressed by the level of commitment (everyone turns up, every time!) and earnest cooperation in these meetings. I have met some amazing people, have formed new friendships and believe God is speaking to us as a movement regarding possibilities to work more closely together. As part of this, I have accepted a nomination to be part of a national governance group which will oversee the development of a potential new governance arrangement for SU in Australia. I’m cautiously excited about this, and ask that you would join me in praying. To facilitate this, Philippa Boldy has been seconded into the chair role in the interim. Thanks Phil, for stepping into that role. Thank you all for what you do for SU. Let’s continue to seek God together. “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33 NIV Dave Stephens