Modelling Family in Action on SU WA Camps

We always love having families attend SU activities. It can be a rich experience for the parents, children, and the participants who see a variety of ages live in Christian community together. Coming from a longterm SU family, and a participant herself as a teenager, Nicole Kingwell has recently been on SU camps with her husband and three young children. Here, she shares her experience of leading on camp as a family, ministering to campers together and enjoying the role they can all play

“We loved doing SU camps all through our teen years – Cam (husband) and I led, and team-led, on lots of camps… And then we had lots of children! We were hoping at some point we could get back into leading camps, even with kids on board. As it turned out, we actually had no worries taking our kids with us.”

“For all of us, right down to the littlest (6 years old) the God-focus of being on camp and the Christian community they were exposed to was just excellent. My 7yr old boy reminisces so much about camp; how nice people were to each other, how great it was being in that community.”

“And it’s special for kids from broken families to see happy and whole families. A girl from a broken family on one camp showed me this – it really struck me how much she wanted to be around us. She couldn’t relate well to her own age group, but it was evident that seeing a loving, caring family was something she really liked and was missing in her life.”

“If you see that family can be a positive experience, your grounding can start from a positive place. And if we can offer some element of that to those kids post-camp in reunions and catch-ups that’s even more valuable.”

Our SU Camps and Missions absolutely love to have families minister with the team. If your family are up for the adventure, contact the office.

Nicole Kingwell