Back to Schools Reinvigoration and Reinvention of Ministry

For over 25 years, schools ministry has been a complex and changing space that SU WA has adapted to with varying success. Now in 2019 we sense God’s call to reboot, and intentionally reinvigorate to take the love of Jesus into WA schools.

We’re dreaming of partnering with Christian schools to effectively share the good news of Jesus through video story-telling, Make a Difference workshops, life-changing camps and equipping student ministry and student-led Christian groups.

We see churches lovingly connecting with staff and students in government schools, with SU’s help. There are many opportunities; we are planning a new student ministry in government schools, linked to church youth groups. Before and after-school care is a great opportunity for SU to partner with churches to meet the needs of families and share good news with students.

It’s an enduring vision with a new edge and we think God wants to use SU and His church to transform lives and communities with the light and life of Jesus. We are excited by what God is doing.

An example of the kind of opportunities that have opened up for us in recent weeks is the willingness of both government and Christian schools to invite SU volunteers to help students at risk by commencing mentoring relationships. Mentoring is an SU program that has been sitting in the background for the last few years, but God’s Holy Spirit is raising it for us as a way of serving individual students, and easing pressure from under-resourced school staff in support roles such as Chaplains. Our role at SU would be to help set up a team (of at least 2 people!) of Mentors who we train and support to meet with a child each week, with the aim of showing God’s love and care for them.