Breakaway Reimagined

Breakaway is facing some new challenges but with that comes new ways to partner and grow. Breakaway camps have been running for about 23 years with the assistance of various sources of funding. Most recently Lotterywest has been funding Breakaway camps through Prison Fellowship. However, last year they ceased to fund our program which has meant we’ve had to re-think how to approach this ministry. It has made us question our mission and ask if this is God’s direction for us.

Together with Prison Fellowship and in consultation with carers, parents and case workers, we’ve seen a path forward for Breakaway. We know that prisoners’ children have unique needs particularly when facing the shame of having a parent in prison. We can play a key role in providing a loving, inclusive, healing environment for campers to explore faith and have fun on our camps.

The camping model has changed to a fee-for-service model rather than a grant model. A camp fee together with donations and in-kind services is how we hope the camp will be financially viable. We hope to bolster the camps with mentoring, get-togethers and a mid-year day trip. Future plans may see our volunteers supporting children to visit their parent in prison.

Breakaway camps don’t come cheap; transport, accommodation and food along with a paid specialist Team Leader mean that the camp fee will be $500 with a provision for some campers to have sponsorship. This April Breakaway camp ran under this new structure with a parent/carer afternoon tea when campers arrived back in Perth.

Our vision remains clear – to support prisoners’ children in knowing and seeing Jesus, to create a space for restorative healing and to have fun and adventure. Join us in supporting Breakaway through volunteering, hosting parent/carer afternoon teas or financial support.

Joyce Arnott