School Camping

It’s been such a blessing and privilege to see God work through the School Camping ministry and our teams this year. Across 7 camps in term one, there have been many stories of God’s grace, goodness and faithfulness.

On a year 11 camp, the school staff wanted to push resilience and perseverance as key themes. One activity was to climb Mt Toolbrunup and one girl struggled the whole way. It took a lot of encouragement from the SU team, but after a long while, we got her to the top! In her feedback, her ‘take home’ was that she was going to be better at persevering and not giving up. So encouraging to see growth in students like that.

One camp, we had been discussing the gospel in five parts and my small group were super keen to talk more about it. Late in the week, I felt God prompt me to ask them if they wanted to follow Jesus and six of the girls said they would. I prayed for them and we talked more about what that meant.

After a freak accident saw a year 6 student have a suspected spinal injury and go to hospital, we witnessed God at work. There was a real movement of prayer among the students and many gathered in small groups to pray. Many non-Christian students encountered prayer in a new way and it was awesome to feel and see God impact them through this. We’re so thankful that the student made a full recovery too.

We give praise and glory to God, for the students that grew closer to Jesus through School Camps this term.