SU Across Australia Comes Together to See Mission Grow

You might not know, but in Australia, SU in each state is a fully autonomous organisation. Since November 2015 there has been ongoing conversation about how greater collaboration and cooperation between us all could further and grow ministry across the country. Those of you who attended the National Conference in 2016 loved the shared heart & vision of SU across Australia. Last year, many of you gathered to consider the possibility of a national organisation, what the issues are for us here in the West, and where are things at now?

In 2019, discussions have moved to the process for joining SU together across Australia. Key staff have dreamed together and always at the heart has been the question of how to grow ministry – through better support, more resources, new initiatives and collaborative wisdom. The Chairs and Directors of each state see great benefit in nationalising and while there are still many considerations to deal with, a vibrant vision is emerging of greater sharing of effective ministry tools and development of ministry in new places…
It’s an exciting time for SU in Australia!

Come along in May to one of the Q & A sessions to hear more and to explore what this new development means.

Thursday 23rd May 7.30pm, south of the river (contact SU office for address).

Monday 27th May 7.30pm, at SU office.