From the Director

God is so good and gracious! Hearing how His love and grace has spoken into the lives and hearts of children and young people through SU this year is always wonderful. When we live as Paul spoke of in Thessalonians, “sharing the gospel and our lives as well”, people meet Jesus.

The unique SU mix of Christian community living, activity, relationship, and sharing our stories and the gospel, remains profoundly impacting. Sally’s stories from CHIC Camp (check them out on the front page) are just so exciting and indicative of what is happening in SU ministry in 2019.

The next challenge is to grow this in local contexts. We have been focused on strengthening and partnering with churches to do this, with a focus on schools. Reel Change Digital Story-telling, student ministry, Christian Teachers Network and schools programs all seek to give churches the opportunity to reach children and young people in their local areas and to make the good news of Jesus known. It’s been exciting to see each of these things slowly build over the last six months.

Being responsive and innovative in the face of missional and cultural change has been a feature of the SU WA story for decades and remains so. We continue to seek God as to how best to reach unreached children and young people, and how to share God’s love and good news with them in 2019. It’s exciting to be on this adventure together.

Any adventure is not without challenges, and the 2019 June appeal did not reach its target. A $70k deficit on the 18/19 year was not the result we were hoping for. We now try to respond with prudence, while being led by the Spirit in what God wants SU WA to be doing, to reach the young people He wants to, through us. God will enable the ministry He wants, but He does that through you and I. Thank you for your financial support and involvement, that means children and young people meet Jesus and are grown in faith and leadership through SU.

We turn towards a new year, where the ministry opportunity is as large as ever. It’s a year of significant development and change, but our unchanging God who loves each one of us dearly and wants to draw us to Him will continue to lead and use each of us for His glory.

Blessings, Kent Morgan