Holiday Camps – Discovery, Challenge and Growth

This past year has seen many stories of discovery, challenge and growth in our campers & leaders on SU Holiday Camps. Our camps provide safe, supportive places for children and young people to be challenged. Through trusting relationships built on camp, participants and leaders grow personally and spiritually.

A recent camper, Ryan, has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, as well as not being physically strong, so going on Wild Camp was going to be a stretch. The leaders journeyed with Ryan to help him build friendships with other campers, support him on the hike and enable him to participate with joy and humour.

Ryan’s mum says, “I have never seen my son SO enthusiastic and animated – he came back on such a high from completing this camp. When he came home totally animated, loving every part of it (even walking backwards for 6km?!!!) and he had stretched himself and been able to complete every task put before him, had seemed to integrate well with others and completed each task with fun and humour too, it was more than I could’ve expected.”

Our leaders are also challenged when they serve on camp, growing in character and leadership, discovering the need to rely on God. One leader says, “I learnt that prayer is important and essential in both the lead up and during camp. I think that I often try to rely on myself rather than give it to God.”

Holiday camps are a wonderful opportunity to see life transformation though discovery and challenge. We are growing children and young people in Godly character and leaders who focus on God and are servant-hearted.

Joyce Arnott & Dan Rodin