LEAD’s Development Journey

People and Leadership Development and Training has seen slow but steady growth, particularly with the increase in LEAD camp participant numbers. Over the year we have run 30 non ministry-specific training events, with 324 participants. 100% of these people reported that they grew and were satisfied with the training event. We have received excellent feedback about LEAD camps and hope that this translates to increased attendance and church engagement.

“The best part about LEAD camps is the amazing community and family feel of it from the moment you walk in the door, and the leaders are there for you even when you’re not on camp.”

“I think every young person should come to LEAD because it’s a great week, awesome personal and leadership development as a mixture of theoretical and practical learning alongside other fun and loving people. I’ve never come away from a LEAD camp feeling like I wasted my time, on the contrary, I’d call it the best possible use for my time in that week.”

We have also received very encouraging feedback since the rollout of our updated Orientation training. Volunteer comments included, “Great variety of formats”; and in answer to the question, ‘Which parts were least helpful?’ we received the comments “Everything was helpful” and “None – always good to refresh ALL areas covered.” It’s been exciting to see Orientation refreshed, and to have a renewed confidence that all volunteers are on the same page in terms of beliefs and commitment to our Aims to see people and young people discover and build relationship with Jesus. We will be releasing an online Orientation training package for our regional volunteers very shortly, and look forward to sharing our DNA with new volunteers in a more accessible and interesting way.

El Holmes