School Camps – When God Came to Camp

One of the girls said that she learnt more about her relationship with God over the past two days on camp, than in the past four years of high school in a Christian school community.” This speaks to God’s power at work through SU’s School Camps, and the value of these camps particularly for Christian schools.

School Camps are a ministry partnership with each school community, with a focus on spiritual growth, leadership development, and supporting the Australian curriculum. Partnerships with schools have strengthened significantly over the last year, and numerous new opportunities for partnership have presented. Over the last year we have facilitated 13 school camps and three one day camps, reaching approximately 800 children and young people with the Gospel, and we expect this to continue growing. We praise God daily for the outpouring of opportunities to speak into and impact young lives.

Please give praise to God for His continued faithfulness and blessing over the school camping ministry, and the many children and young people who have come into relationship with Christ as a result. Continue to pray for the awesome School camping team, for sustainable partnerships with loca churches, and that God would continue to bring volunteers into the ministry who love and fear the Lord.

Mike Bezant