Leavers Ningaloo 2019

Leavers Ningaloo is proving to be the best way to spend the end of 12 years of school. Year after year over 100 school leavers join the migration up to the pristine Ningaloo reef to enjoy a week of celebrations camping under the stars. You might say that Leavers Ningaloo is the ‘safer’ way to celebrate the end of schooling, compared to Dunsborough or Bali. And yes it provides an environment where young people aren’t affected by the influence of alcohol, drugs and risk-taking behaviour.

Our Leavers camps actually have more adventure and challenge than you’d get at the popular leavers’ destinations. With a choice of more than 8 different activities each day from surfing to sandboarding, hiking the gorges, visiting Exmouth town for iced coffees, snorkelling from the glass bottom boat or sea kayaking with turtles you’d never get bored.

Don’t forget all the fun to be had at night with a pool party, fancy dinner, bush dance, sports night and if you still don’t want to go to bed, you can hang-out at the All-Night Zone (AKA the Bank). But more than all this activity is hanging out with friends and making new ones. It’s enjoying experiences that you’ll remember for years. It’s having great Christian leaders who journey with you and take the time to listen as you move into the next stage in your life. It’s having the chance to ask those big questions about life and faith. Leavers Ningaloo is a winning mixture of structure and freedom that creates spaces for young people to celebrate the end of school as they forge a path into adulthood.