Looking Forward to a Summer of Mission Impact

Summer Mission teams are gearing up to share life and the love of Jesus with campers from Cheynes Beach and Bremer Bay in the Southeast right up to Cervantes and Jurien Bay in the north.

Earlier this year, at a number of the caravan parks, the clear message received from parents and other campers was that the presence of our team at the site was such a blessing to them. Many said that the atmosphere of the park was noticeably improved by us being there.

Much of what we do with the adults is around a conversation with those camping alongside us. Our conversations delve into matters of faith, raising children, dealing with teenagers, and all of life. With the children and teenagers, we are often able to take the opportunity to dig much deeper into matters of faith.

One teenager was able to build on his relationship with one of our team members from the previous year. Coming to our teen night, and quite enthusiastically he thanked the SU team (on behalf of other teens) for the significant role that we play in their lives.

Paul Edwards