Providence for the Future

The ministry of SU WA has been impacting and changing lives since 1947 and, in the 70+ years since, countless number of you have journeyed with us as campers, leaders, staff, volunteers and supporters. Some have been involved for decades and have continually witnessed the difference SU can have in a person’s life. Others, have been with us for only a short time and yet have still observed life change in campers and participants. It’s knowing the profound effect that SU has on individuals through sharing the Gospel that can move you to go beyond with your support.

I know you understand that it takes many types of resources to continually propel SU’s ministry forward, and one of these is finances through a bequest. It’s hugely encouraging when supporters contact me to indicate they would love to leave SU a legacy. They know that it will continue to help when they are no longer with us, and they understand the long-term benefit for the ministry. This year we received two unexpected bequests that have been an asset for the future development of SU reaching further down into the South West.

For those who would love to make a difference with SU in the future and create a lasting impact, you can contact Lester and ask for more information on how you can leave a legacy to SU WA. or 9371 9100.

by Lester Sutton