REEL Change

In late 2019 we piloted REEL Change in select schools which provided valuable feedback for rolling out the program more fully in 2020. Armed with 6 new videos, Reel Change started 2020 with some positive enquiries from schools, including Kennedy Baptist College. Although we were only able to visit Kennedy Baptist College twice before restrictions kicked in, it has been a time of renewing faith – even though we might be restricted in what we do, God never is. Our biggest challenge has been to avoid the assumption that students have a Christian Faith because they attend a Christian school. Breaking through to the students on a spiritual level is a journey that we trust God has started and will complete.

‘Be encouraged that God is at work! We are privileged that we’re the first school where you’re presenting REEL. I hope SU can do this many more times at many different schools!’ Liezl, Christian Ed Coordinator, Kennedy Baptist College.

With COVID disruptions, schools have had to readjust their program plans for the remainder of the year. During the downtime we have been able to train further volunteers that will be ready to attend schools at short notice when permissible. We trust and pray that many more students will have and take the opportunity to experience meeting Jesus through the testimonies shared in the REEL videos. Thank you for your ongoing prayers for the hearts of the students and the relationships they are building with our volunteers and our Heavenly Father.

by Mel Hallsworth