God is with us!

“Time-Out” is a new program which was created as an in-school club option for the high school students at Emmanuel Christian Community School. Throughout the term SU volunteers have been meeting weekly with students to play active, values based games and have small group discussions to chat deeper about spirituality and everyday life from a Christian perspective.

We were unsure how many students would opt in for the club but we have been amazed each week to see that more and more students have been requesting to join! The word is being spread as the attending students are encouraging more of their peers to participate with them.

The program has been a great discipleship opportunity for our SU interns who have been warmly welcomed by the school, as well as the student leaders who have been a true asset to the team. We have been blessed to see them put their hands up to be involved and intentional about caring for their fellow peers.

Initially we did have some struggles finding volunteers, as school programs are often a difficult commitment due to volunteer work and study obligations. However, God sure was with us! Although He changed our original team size plan, God did so much more in the team He specifically provided. The intricacies of His workings have been so evident and praiseworthy!

We know that God is revealing Himself to these students and we are hopeful to have the opportunity to take Time-Out into more schools.

by Mel Hallsworth