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In 1867, 150 years ago, Josiah Spiers gathered a group of young people together in a lounge room, teaching them songs and telling them stories of Jesus – a radical change from the normal church activities. Later, while he was on holidays, he gathered children on the beach to decorate the words “God is Love” as he shared Bible stories with them – an opportunity to meet children where they were and creatively share faith at the first beach mission. So began the Children’s Special Services Mission (later Scripture Union). Josiah and later Tom Bishop and Annie Marsten, and then many others, were inspired by a deep yearning to see children know Jesus and read the Bible. They were bold and creative, using new methods appropriate for children, convinced that children could meet Jesus.

These same dreams and character continue on in our movement today. We are a missional movement, driven by a desire to see children and young people meet Jesus and grow through His word. We are constantly changing as we seek to meet people where they are, taking the Good News to them in creative and innovative ways. This recent message from a camp leader shows that the heart of Josiah, Tom and Annie is still strong in our movement:

“It was my first time being involved with SU and I feel incredibly honoured to have had the opportunity to encourage and speak life over the kids during the week. It was such a privilege! They were great. Thank you so much for praying for us. One of the girls in my tent group decided to give her life to Jesus on camp – I felt super honoured to coach her through that and pray with and for her. Got to write a message in each of their Bibles too. It’s been a very, very busy but incredibly rewarding week. Praying that God continues to make himself real in these kids lives. He is so good!”

Thank you for being a part of SU WA. Your serving, praying and giving enables this work. It is your support that means ministry like this can happen.

Right now though, our movement faces a tough financial future. We need all of us to give and support the work and invite others to do the same, so that stories like the above can keep happening. Will you help keep the work of taking the Good News to a needy world happening?

It is a privilege to partner with you. God bless,

Kent Morgan