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In Acts, we see the beginnings of Jesus’ Kingdom movement that spread through Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. In Acts 11:19, we see a particular moment where the gospel is taken to the Greeks in Antioch. This was a group of ordinary followers who had been scattered by persecution, who responded to a need they observed and took the gospel of Jesus to a new group of people. It wasn’t a leader-driven initiative, but a responsive movement which was then encouraged, supported and equipped by the leadership.

What a great picture of a Jesus movement and what we dream of for SU – a movement where people see new ministry opportunities and are supported and equipped by the staff to develop them. Summer is a great expression of that. Hundreds of Christian people share life and faith in caravan parks, country towns and with children, young people and families. I love seeing fresh new ministry happen as we share the good news of Jesus in relevant and personal ways.

This year there has been discussion among the state SU movements about the possibility of forming a national movement, driven by a deep desire to see greater effectiveness in mission by simplifying governance to maximise ministry. There is a national project group to guide the process and we had some WA consultation opportunities in October. I’d love you to be praying for the process and outcome and if you want to chat about it, get in touch.

Thanks for being part of SU and for your partnership in the gospel.

Kent Morgan, State Director

News, What's Up
Our Internship program for 2019 is looking to be an exciting opportunity as we plan an increase in practical equipping and training opportunities. Through the program, we aim to strengthen and impart in a new generation the SU DNA whereby we’re able to share the Good News through adventure-based, outdoor ministry within temporary Christian community. Interns will spend at least ten weeks of their year on SU camps and other programs as well as time in the SU office planning and supporting our programs and staff and possibly completing some form of study.

We’re looking for people who are teachable and able to take initiative, with a desire to see children and young people experience God’s power to save. To find out more, head to and click the ‘register interest’ button.

“I feel like I have really matured in my faith and my relationships with other Christians. I have recently come to a couple of realisations about what has been holding me back from my personal relationship with God, so I am correcting the priorities in my life and focusing & turning to him”

“I’ve grown in my maturity and approach to camps. I still have lots of fun but now I can look at things from an organisational point of view rather than just as a participant”

What's Up
We’ve been collecting information about SU Camps and God has been at work in young people’s lives. This little graphic captures the impact of our camps from the first two seasons of the year. 

Your investment of time and support is bearing fruit in the lives of young people. 84% of our camp participants moved significantly closer to Jesus. Yay!

Thanks for being part of the SU movement.