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Journey: Sustainable and Effective Ministries

Practical and Personal

What youth ministry leaders need most isn’t simply more easy answers to problems, more conferences and more impersonal training, but a relationship through which the youth ministry leader can be held accountable, be encouraged, and be helped to put their learnings into practice. The SU Journey program seeks to provide that relationship.

Real Stories

Take for example James*, in a Perth church who began as a youth minister after graduating from theological college. James quickly found himself unsure of his own gifting and how to perform his job. Tasks often failed to get done; leaders would get frustrated and there was a lack of confidence in the way James led. An SU WA staff member was asked by the Senior Pastor to meet with James, who over the course of 18 months invested into him. From a place of relationship, James was equipped and encouraged in partnership with other SU WA programs such as LEAD. As a result, the ministry became healthier, James grew in his love for God, his leaders, his youth, and became more confident as the ministry developed in a sustainable way.
* Not his real name

Real Support

Over the course of the year, you will meet with a mentor who will help diagnose key areas of growth, resource you and create achievable steps to develop you in your area of growth. You’ll put these into practice and review how you’re going face-to-face and over the phone as needed. You’ll also get to meet with other participants in the program to share the joys and the struggles of being a ministry leader.

Growth Areas

The Youth Ministry Leader (YML) can be developed in these areas, using key relevant and current resources:

  • Growing as a Disciple: Grow the personal faith of the YML
  • Growing a Ministry Vision and Purpose I: Uncover and Grow the vision of the YML
  • Growing a Ministry Vision and Purpose II: Putting the vision into practice through planning and sustainable structures
  • Growing Disciple Makers: Your Team: Growing your leader team, enhancing team dynamics and handling difficult leaders.
  • Growing Disciple Makers: Your Students: Identifying and developing potential student leaders
  • Growing Disciples: Growing the YML’s capacity to teach the bible as the key to discipleship
  • Growing as a Leader: Growing the leadership skills of the YML
  • Growing by Gaining: Focuses on Mission, evangelistic opportunities and strategies of growth
  • Growing as part of a family: Home: Partnering with families and impacting homes
  • Growing as part of a family: The Church: Growing a Youth Ministry that is integrated into the life of the Church Family


Who:  Those who are responsible for a Youth Ministry (although we may accept some Youth Leaders)

Cost:  TBA

When:  Feb – Dec 2019, at the convenience of the mentor and the Youth Ministry Leader