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NUA Video Series


What is NUA?

NUA is all about exploration: it’s a film series that encourages questions, acknowledges doubt, and offers an engaging perspective on the Christian faith. Discuss your worldview with credibility and confidence, while encouraging you to wrestle with the things that just don’t seem to make sense-this film series is about immediate impact and the life-changing experience of working out your faith.

How does it work?

NUA is a series of eight short films (approx 15 minutes each) intended to be watched over time in an educational setting, youth group, university or with friends. These are films to engage with, discuss, and pick apart. More than anything, NUA is a fresh learning experience.

NUA is hosted by the on-screen presenter Jonny Somerville. Jonny is a 29-year-old Dublin native who has worked for more than ten years in Irish schools and parishes across denominations, facilitating faith formation programs.

Making NUA

NUA was written, reviewed, and edited by more than 30 trusted critics, including a small inter-church theological group, chaplains & RE Teachers, clergy, youth and pastoral workers, parents, and a focus group of young adults.

This project required a substantial financial investment and was filmed by one of the best creative video agencies in Dublin, along with a renowned Irish-based director. The team combined their unique creative abilities to invest in young people’s ‘journey of faith’.

Watch the NUA Film Trailer

The NUA Resources

NUA USB – One tiny piece of technology packed with 8 HD episodes, 9 training videos, the series trailer, 8 Irish street interviews and a media pack.

NUA Guide – This invaluable resource includes lesson plans, summaries, aims and objectives, suggestions for engagement activities, discussion topics and NUA challenges.

NUA Journal – A beautiful, helpful tool where viewers can freely process and record their faith journey.


NUA USB – $20.00

NUA Guide – $15.00

NUA Journal – $5.00

NUA Kit – $35.00
(Including one of each of the above)

To order the NUA resources, use the form below or contact the SU WA office.

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