leavers 2015
SU WA is offering two exciting leavers programs in 2017. There will be something for everyone from hanging on some of WA’s best beaches, snorkelling with turtles or drinking some of Australia’s tastiest coffee in our culture capital. It is time to get your friends together and sign up for what will be one of the best weeks of your life. End school with a bang by coming on SU Leavers!
For more information click on the links, visit the SU Facebook page or call us on 9371 9100
We’ve had a few calls about the dates for the Leavers camps clashing with the ATAR exam timetable so just want to clarify some things:
We have always aligned our camps with the official leavers week in WA
Each year, the ATAR exam timetable overlaps by two days with Leavers
In our experience 95% of our campers have finished their exams by the Friday of the previous week and are able to go on camp. There are very few, less common subjects that have their exams on the last 2 days of the timetable
The ATAR Exam Timetable will be published on Monday 17th July. Until then, we suggest you register for camp now and pay the $150 deposit and if, in July, you find out you have an exam on Monday 20th or Tuesday 21st November, we are happy to refund your deposit (this is an exclusive offer of refund of the deposit)

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