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Grow as a Christ-like leader.

“People frequently ask me, “You work with young leaders. What kind of leaders are emerging on the scene and what kind of leaders are going to lead the Church into the next century?” My answer is simple: “People of godly character.” They may not be the most gifted, and the list of what they can’t do may be a lot longer than the list of things they can do, but people of godly character are the ones who have what it takes to lead the Church.”

– Dr Martin Sanders, The Power of Mentoring, 2004


Help change lives.

Over the year, you’ll see lives changed as you go on 10+ programs, both during school terms and holidays. You’ll help facilitate transformation in children, young people and families, and you’ll gain experience and confidence that will continue into your post-internship life.

Some of our leading volunteers and local church leaders developed their passion and gained first-hand ministry through an SUWA Internship.


Meet and reflect over coffee.

Having a trusted mentor who’s invested in you and your Christian leadership journey is something we’re pretty passionate about. Reflecting, processing and growing from your experiences over the year will help you make sense of things and cement what you discover along your way.