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SU supports local people doing mission, sharing the love of Jesus and bringing about the Kingdom of God in their local community.

Whether aimed at a geographical or an interest community, through exploring justice or developing local community life SU supports projects that explore innovative ideas for mission and community development. SU believes that mission and outreach programs are most effective when they occur in the context of ongoing relationships, and people ‘journeying’ together.  We encourage incarnational mission – where people, groups and churches become involved in communities, sharing in the lives of those they seek to share God’s good news with. We can offer support and training to those already practicing mission, and support, consultancy and organisational structures to those exploring ideas for mission. Programs include Holiday Clubs, Light Parties, Community Camps, youth groups and other forms of local community presence. The love of God shared by local people in local communities around WA – that’s you, with your church, in your community!

Just Community

How do we help each other appreciate what we have, and find ways to work together to make this world a fairer place? Our intent is to provide space for people of all ages to meet, network and explore issues relating to justice, ethical practices for consuming, producing and selling food and clothing, plus simpler lifestyles and sustainability. We want to examine together ways of transforming communities with the gospel of the kingdom. We want to do this with fun activities, worship, teaching, workshops, hearing from each other, story-telling and good conversation. There will also be lots of opportunity to just hang out with each other. Most sessions will be interactive and multi-generation focused, though there will be some specific activities planned for the children. That’s demonstrating the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in everyday living!


“AMUC was an experience that formed my understanding of faith in action, and exposed me to a worldview that is now central to my faith in God. Highly recommended for any- one seeking to bring Jesus to the world around us.” – Jaye Van Wollingen

What is AMUC (Among the Urban Community)?

It’s like a camp – but its focus is on discipleship.
It’s like a retreat – but with times of action.
It’s like a mission exposure trip – but in our own city.
It’s a challenge and a call to follow Jesus, to be with the rejected and marginalised.

AMUC is a unique experience. It’s a mission exposure trip for adults in our own city. It will challenge your faith, lifestyle, priorities and understanding of the Gospel. The AMUC experience invites followers to a deeper faith where there are no easy answers. It aims to broaden the experience of Christians while allowing space to reflect on the message of Christ.

This is a joint initiative of Scripture Union and TEAR Australia.

When: July 2nd to 6th, 2018
Where: Perth Church of Christ
Cost: $180 waged, $160 unwaged (early bird special)

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