Why are Summer Camps so well-liked?

For Suzie Bell, aged 21, it’s always been about relationships and Jesus on Glen Echo 3. Having been on over 17 camps now as a leader, some things never get old for Suzie:

“I love seeing camper’s hearts moving towards Jesus. That’s where the privilege is at for me; being able to share the love of God with them and seeing how it reshapes their identity. In some of them, you can see their faces light up when they string all the Jesus stories together!”

It’s not just the greater relationship with God that is forged on these camps but also the lifelong friendships between campers and leaders. “I’ve seen so many friendships come out of these camps. I myself am a part of a couple of group chats with leaders and campers. They are God-loving and God-focused people who live a life loving Jesus.”

If this doesn’t inspire you to consider becoming a SU camp leader, then Suzie saved the best for last.

“There is a high chance you might meet your future partner, I’ve seen it happen that many times!” Love aside, SU are looking for more leaders and Glen Echo is the perfect camp to get started on. The more leaders we have, the more we can accommodate the young people stuck on waitlists.

There’s no doubt that Summer is the busiest camp season for SU Holiday Camps. Every year, all the staff brace for the impact of Summer registrations opening and hope the website can handle the sudden increase in web traffic, sometimes resulting in camps filling up and waitlisting in the space of 45 minutes! It couldn’t be clearer that masses of young people are experiencing such significant impact that they spend the rest of the year eagerly waiting for the moment to re-register for another round!

by Bea Wickham & Suzi Bell