Short-term mission with a twist

Connect groups, Cells groups, Small groups – whatever the name your Christian environment calls them, we know what they are. Clusters of around 8 -12 that gather to catch up, maybe eat together and stick our noses into the Bible. Using our collective intellect and experience we explore a biblical book, passage, verse or word to discover what treasure for life is nestled within. Then we endeavour to live it out in our lives.

An opportunity exists to take that collective Christian knowledge, plus the faith experience you & your small group have gained, and use it to plan a missional adventure, organise activities, lead input sessions, cook, walk alongside, listen, mentor, tell stories of faith, and a whole lot more. Plus have a heap of fun. It just requires some teamwork, commitment, planning, task sharing, and probably a few days off work.

The short-term Aussie mission described in this instance is in Youth Camp Ministry (there are several types, age groups and dates upcoming). Be group-trained in all the particulars and requirements of Youth Camp then build your team, project manage in the lead up to launch day, then leap in and hold on as God takes you on the ride of your life.

Those eager to know more (no obligation), please email and ask for the Small Group Short-Term Mission Information.

by Lester Sutton