Community Missions

This year has been a great year for our Community Mission program. Our Summer Mission teams, AMUC camp and Cheers Community outreach has continued to reach out to people with the gospel. We are looking forward to expanding our Summer Mission program from its current eight teams to include others from Esperance, Narrogin and perhaps Exmouth and Geraldton.

Our Boost Youth Discipleship program has been running now for 18 months of a 2 year cycle and, during this time, we have worked with some 50 young people to develop their skills and boost their understanding of their faith. This journey has been an amazing experience to participate in as we have explored a number of quite weighty topics. Such topics include Christian vs other world views, leading small groups and individuals on a discipleship journey, sharing life and faith, outreach, and hands-on leadership skills. This program has 15-18 year olds as its target and seeks to prepare our young people as they leave high school and move into university and the work force. We are looking forward to reaching a new audience for the two years ahead and we trust the friends and family from SU will encourage their children to join us to grow & develop their teenage children.

Paul Edwards