LEAD Camps – Leaps and Bounds

SU holds two annual leadership development camps aimed at building character and integrity in our up-and-coming leaders – from both SU and the local church – as they grow in love and fear of God. 30-plus participants gain practical skills and experience, a network of like-minded peers, an experience of temporary Christian community done well and a greater understanding of, and commitment to, church ministry.

Through an examination of Paul’s life and engagement in Biblical teaching and discussion, participants learn how Christian leadership differs from worldly leadership. EDAC’s Ministry Director, Kyran Holmes, will facilitate these sessions. There are also heaps of experiential learning opportunities including, for the first time, the facilitation of an ‘Adventure in Leadership’ Day for local Cornerstone Christian College students.

Highlights from recent LEAD Camps have been encouraging. We’ve had baptisms, a community of peers who stay in touch throughout the year and incredible positive individual growth. Interesting topics are discussed and critical thinking encouraged. Our Interns have flourished in large part due to LEAD Camps, as have this year’s Fieldworkers and many others. Participants and their sending churches have really valued the input and experience and we’re so thankful to God that He has chosen to work through these camps.

This year we aim to add a LEAD network & regular meetings between camps to really journey alongside our young people. Thank you for your prayer and please keep it coming.