In Amongst the People

We kicked off 2020 with our 8 Summer Missions teams, bringing around 340 enthusiastic volunteers and their families together in mission to share the gospel with over a thousand holiday-makers. Team Leaders reported a really great response and we continue to pray that the seeds planted at this time will bring forth a harvest in God’s appointed time. We continue to plan new missions in Mandurah and Kalbarri in the future.

Our Boost Youth Discipleship program did not receive sufficient new numbers to reconvene in 2020. Out of the core planning group has come a brand-new initiative – a Worldview Academy Camp to be held in January next year. Broad support from churches and other Christian ministries around WA should see our inaugural camp commence well as we spend a few days building a strong biblical foundation into the hearts and minds of the teenagers attending. We would love to extend an invitation to all of our supporters and their families to join with us in this new work. For parents and young people, we would love them to consider volunteering to provide leadership and counsel. For teenagers we would love them to take a little of their school holiday time to build a strong foundation in apologetics and learn how to actively live their faith in high school and beyond.

by Paul Edwards