Boating, Camping, Fishers of Men

Many volunteers who were a part of our Summer Missions teams around the southwest are breathing a sigh of relief, as the culmination of many months of planning and effort has been achieved. Team members who are part of our missions program have been responsible for sharing life, love and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with literally thousands of campers and families.

One boy can’t get enough of our mission team at Augusta… Last year at a Big Book Story time when his parents were leaving the caravan park to travel home they almost had to drag him away. This year, from the time we got to Augusta to the end he was glued to our team. One day he stayed with us as we ate lunch and then joined a few of us for dinner. One of our team members got to chat with him about Jesus and his mum tells me he wants to help us set up next year and is talking about how he might be on team in the future.

Lots of conversations happened with campers – light conversations, conversations about fishing and other camp-life activities, conversations about key struggles and deeper conversations about Jesus… I could tell of probably 20-30 conversations of significance that happened over the 10 days. It was a team who were looking for every opportunity to give a reason for the hope that we have, who knew that we were sent by Jesus to dwell amongst people, and to share good news with those that we came across.

Barb Totterdell – Augusta Flinders Bay Family Festival