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HUGE LEAVERS NEWS: New camps Leavers Ubud (Bali) and Leavers Road Trip in 2019

Leavers Ningaloo and Melbourne were a blast with 132 campers across both trips. SU Leavers continues to be a pivotal place for the school leavers who head to camp, especially in owning their own faith. 2019 sees two new leavers programs: Leavers Ubud (Bali) and Leavers Road Trip. Exciting times! SU Leavers goes international!

Great, telling quotes from Leavers Ningaloo:

“One thing I’ll do after camp: go to church for the first time in 6 years”

“My past mistakes don’t define me”

“I already follow Jesus but have allowed sin to overtake my life, on Leavers I was inspired to refresh my faith”

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