Soul Purpose on Missions

Summer is a time when many of our friends & neighbours take time out from their lives and jobs to reconnect with family and friends. Our family celebrated Christmas and New Year in Augusta each year and there encountered an amazing group of people whose only purpose at our caravan park seemed to be to bless and encourage us.

Our summer mission team in Denmark has the advantage of a lovely steep slope of grass. This year, I sat down on the lawn with a group of families who were delighting in the joy of their children’s fun as they raced down the slopes on a ‘slippery slide’ the team had set up. In this relaxing atmosphere, I and many of the team members were able to sit with them and share the message that brought the team there. A message of joy in the midst of pain, of encouragement when hope was fading and to point them to the one who sustains and directs our lives. Did any of them really capture the spirit of our message? Only our Father knows; but we were grateful to be able to plant the seed.

Paul Edwards