Community Missions

Over the past year our SU WA Community Mission programs have included eight family missions, the Cheers Neighbourhood Network in Banksia Grove and our Moora Youth Group. In partnership with TEAR Australia, we have run the AMUC camp and Just Community Day. The Roleystone community youth shed is waiting on a new venue before kicking off again.

At AMUC, our participants met a number of young men for whom the power of God was helping them to transform: from dangerous drug addictions to re-booting their lives on a better footing.

A Bridgetown family were able to show those at our Just Community weekend how using God’s stewardship model for producing organic food enabled them to have a holistic approach to caring for His creation.

Down in Denmark on New Year’s Eve, over 500 revellers at the caravan park were treated to a bush dance provided by the Beach Mission team there.

This year we hope to introduce a new community initiative to churches around WA – the concept of providing a Christian response to Halloween by holding a “Light Party”. This concept has grown immensely in the UK where it was started a few years ago and we’re praying it catches on well here too.

Paul Edwards